Is Facebook Down Today? | Facebook Status and Outage

Facebook current status is UP. No reports indicate that facebook has possible problems at this time.

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Facebook Server Real-time Status Check

Current Status: Up
Last 24 Hours: Up
Last Down: More than 30 days ago
Facebook was unstable on 2023-04-04, but it's up now.

When the website is UP on Blexb, it means the website is accessible for most people in the world at the moment.

Facebook Status History

Facebook outages reported in the last 24 hours

This chart shows the status changes of facebook server over the past 24 hours. The green line shows that facebook is up, and the yellow line shows that the status is unstable. If facebook is down, the red line will be used in the chart. The above data is based on automatic inspection and tracking by Blexb algorithms.

Recent Facebook Outages

Over the past 3 months, no outage is reported for Facebook.

Facebook Access Tips

If you can not access it, refer to the following potential reasons:

1. Is there a network latency problem? Check Facebook, Yahoo Japan connection.

2. The page you visited does not exist or has been deleted, in which case the page will return a 404 error.

3. A 500 or 503 error occurs when the site's server is unstable.

More Troubleshooting Guidances

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